Stirling Highway

Born from a chance encounter between Kris’ mother and the future client, Stirling Highway was part of a subdivision of one large block. The large site has been transformed, now housing the Lime Street apartments as well as this heritage home.

In a classic tale of new meets old, the client wanted a modern way of living to see out their older years but didn’t want to neglect the heritage charm of the original building.

The client’s words for what she wanted was “something worthy of Grand Designs,” resulting in an ambitious design that was meant to take two and a half years to build but ended up taking four and a half years.

The heritage house has four stories; a zinc black box sits at the top, a main living level of the home, an underground cellar and a garage.

The facade is kept the same besides a new verandah and is rejuvenated to make the most of the home’s ocean views that sweep from Garden Island across to Cottesloe.

While the interior design is primarily modern, heritage features within the house are lovingly restored and hints of heritage decor appear upstairs, like the dark herringbone flooring


North Fremantle,
Western Australia