Maroubra Vista

Being based overseas, the client bought an empty block in North Perth intending to design and build their dream Australian home.

The layout of the home is separated into wings, giving the home a sense of separation as well as a unique sense of flow. The floorplan also makes the most of the site’s incredible ocean views; the home faces west to enjoy an ocean frontage with considered shading throughout.

The client wanted a lot of concrete, which is what they got! The entire home is polished concrete, which gives the home a luxe, raw feel. The walls are a hemp render finish that mirrors the appearance of rammed earth walls. The original brief asked for rammed earth; however, being just before COVID, there were no contractors available so the hemp render is an innovative and beautiful alternative.

The rooms all wrap around an internal courtyard where north-facing living spaces enjoy the northern sun. The courtyard features a catwalk, once again, in concrete. The modern home also features insulated heating and a small plunge pool, perfect for the Perth climate.


Hillarys, Western Australia