Berry Road

Raw yet refined, Berry Road is a nuanced response to the rural landscape it inhabits.

The facade is a refined geometric form, lying fairly low, to not disrupt the rural landscape setting. In saying this, there is a distinct rawness to the materiality which complements the locale. Natural materials are favoured, with stone, concrete and timber dominating throughout.

The floor plan is open and flowing, encouraging constant movement between the indoors and outdoors. Large glass windows allow countless opportunities to glimpse the sweeping views of the large outdoor pool, across the paddocks and over the valley. The bathrooms and bedrooms are more intimate spaces, with carpet and darker tones creating a sense of warmth and retreat.

Berry Road is an off-grid home. As such, sustainability is key to the design. Considered design choices are made to ensure the house works passively, incorporating things such as cross-ventilation, thermal monitoring and the use of sustainable materials.



Western Australia